Too much TV

And we couldn't help but wonder what Kris Nations pieces our favorite fictional characters would love...

Kelly Kapoor (The Office) Bananas Enamel Ring.
This day is Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! So Kelly.

Jules Vaughn (Euphoria): Rope Chain Necklace.
Because this Gen Z-er's Y2K-inspired looks wouldn't be complete without a classic choker

Janine Teagues (Abbot Elem): Featherweight Hoop Earrings
The one thing Miss. Teagues loves more than teaching? A classy pair of hoops.

Monica Geller (Friends): Chill Pill Bracelet
If any sitcom character needs a reminder to relax, it's 100% Monica - but we can totally relate!

Dr. Christina Yang (Grey's Anatomy): Candy Bezel Stud Earrings
She prefers to be complimented on her brilliant brain, but these earrings would be way too cute not to commend.

Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-nine): Ray of Sunshine Charm Necklace
For those days when you're really feeling the Nine-Nine PI's "I hate people" vibe.

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