September 17, 2019

Get your Mercury rising with one of our custom engravable signet rings. Made of 18k gold vermeil or sterling silver, customize yours with an engraving of your zodiac sign. 
Every glyph has a secret, here’s yours: 

Aries: the ram’s horns mean you’re a courageous warrior

Taurus: the bull’s horns are for the cautious, but sure-footed

Gemini: these celestial twins indicate you’re rarely at a loss for words

Cancer: sensitive and creative, this crab is water-friendly

Leo: this lion is proud, optimistic and craves adoration

Virgo: pure and healthy, and always punctual

Libra: symbolized by scales to indicate fairness and balance

Scorpio: modeled after the scorpion, you are focused and driven

Sagittarius: the archer’s arrows travel far, like you

Capricorn: this goat embodies ambition and tradition

Aquarius: this genius is rebellious and original

Pisces: this sign of two swimming fish is said to be compassionate and musical

What’s Your Sign?

-Your friends at Kris Nations

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