Perfectly Imperfect

Give a big 👏 to our newest line of gemstone necklaces. Dangling from an adjustable gold-filled or sterling silver rope ⛓, our pieces are hand-carved, meaning no two are the same. 🤯

Hand-carved stars, in lapis, labradorite, pink opal or malachite, are singular beauties. Maybe this malachite is more striped, that labradorite more shimmery.

Regardless, they’ll stun from around your neck. 
You’ll 🌙 over the Gemstone Crescent Moon Necklace, in either blue lapis or luminous labradorite. Or ride out the ⛈ in our Gemstone Lightning Bolt Necklace, a brilliant blue lapis which is known to inspire confidence.

You’re one-of-a-kind, shouldn’t your jewelry be too?

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