New Charm Necklaces

Dinos, Elephants and Snakes, Oh my!
Our new charm necklaces are not only adorable, they are also steeped in symbolism ready to empower their wearer.

Check out our latest additions:
Locks symbolize commitment.
Wear this lock as a reminder to commit to your goals.

Elephants symbolize strength and power.
Wear it for your next triathlon, asking your boss for a raise,
or arm wrestling your annoying brother.

Lotus flower symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and rebirth.
The perfect accessory for when you’re running late while sitting in traffic and swearing like a sailor. Take a deep breath.

Dinosaurs symbolize protection and a fearless attitude.
Wear it when your flight is about to board but you’re in a long security line so you have to ask 200 aggravated people if it’s OK to cut.

Snakes symbolize transformation, rebirth and creative life force.
Perfect to wear during any life altering events; embrace that change, OWN it.

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