Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts that Inspire

Our "Gifts that Inspire" Holiday Gift Guide was created to help you find the perfect gift that inspires your lucky recipient. We have curated a collection of designs meant to serve as daily reminders of who they are, where they are going and how they will get there. 

Here are a few stand out inspirational jewelry gifts below and you can view the entire collection right here

Badass Bracelet Of course this beauty made it to the top of our list. This has been one of our most popular designs for several years. It's obvious why. We love hearing stories of what this bracelet means to so many of you. Becoming a mom for the first time, graduating, beating a health scare, the list goes on and on. We love seeing how our design has become a part of your story. It's the reason we do what we do. ❤



Grit Script Necklace. A subtle and dainty reminder of how we get through it all. We're looking at you 2020. 


Optimist Bracelet. No matter what life throws at us, we ALWAYS choose optimism. It feels better than the alternative and makes for a more peaceful state of mind. We like to wear our Optimist Script bracelet as a daily reminder.


Love Heart Enamel Pendant on Extra Large Rope Chain. If we lead with love in all that we do, nothing will get in our way. We love this bold and elegant statement necklace. It goes with just about everything and is an amazing conversation starter. You can't miss it and it always brings a smile.


Catch the rest of our Gifts That Inspire Holiday Gift Guide here.

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