Mother's Day Sale


“For me, it is pretty much anything DINO. I get to look cute and be my son’s hero at the same time.
I wore my Large Dino necklace to a kid’s party over the weekend and all the other moms flipped.”






“The first thing I think of is the Chill Pill Necklace. As a mama, I need reminders to slow down and chill…
don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy the present moment, all of that!”



“Is it bad that I’d like a “GET LOST” necklace, because well, as we all know, Moms need to bail for some well deserved self care. Also, the Roll with the Punches Hoop Earrings, because as a Mom you have no other choice.”

“Killin’ It Necklace because it’s what us Moms do every damn day! The Bananas Ring, because let’s face it, our kids drive us bananas! The Large Bolt Necklace because it looks cool and I love that it symbolizes power and strength”

“I want the new Enamel Heart Lockets and the Big LOVE Enamel Hearts,
because all moms need a burst of color to brighten their day”


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