Head over Heal...ing Power

Our new malachite jewelry gets all the looks with its rich kelly green tones and singular swirls. Don’t get distracted by its beauty though, this stone also packs a powerful punch. Malachite is a healing stone known to clear out unwanted energies and improve the level of positive emotions. 

Don our new Gemstone Star Necklace in green malachite, radiant on a gold-filled or sterling silver rope adjustable chain, and you’ll be proof positive. Be your own happy place when you slip our just-released Green Malachite Gemstone Beaded Bracelet around your wrist.

Because malachite is hand-carved, no two are the same. You’re basically wearing (mood-boosting) art.

Gemstone Star Necklace

Malachite Heart Bracelet

Malachite Beaded Bracelet

Malachite Beaded Necklace

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