October 14, 2019

In honor of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote, we’ve added three new charms that symbolize femaleness.

Did you know… the unicorn is a source of divine power that nurtures all living things. These mythical beasts are a symbol of the feminine.

And did you know… seashells are a symbol of birth, good fortune and resurrection. They’re known for their remarkable otherworldly design, just like we are. Our delicate scallop shell looks fragile, but it’s actually as hard as 18k gold vermeil.

Called Venus, the female symbol is an iconic representation of women. It stands for love, appeal, ambition, beauty and passion. You know, all the things that we are.


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Single & Ready to Mingle
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May 17, 2020

Brontosaurus mixed with a classic heart?  YES!  Llama and Pizza?
Why the heck not? The new normal is weird and we are here for it
- one single stud earring at a time.  

Our studs are available in sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil. Gold Vermeil (pronounced ver-may) means that we cast the stud in sterling silver, and then plate it with 2.5 microns of 18k gold. 

In other words, you can create your stud ear party, and your lobes won’t turn green from cheap metals, or red from irritation.

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Take Kindness to Heart
Take Kindness to Heart

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After all, it is called human kind.
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