Celebrate the Class of 2020

Celebrate the Class of 2020
How will you celebrate your recent Grad?
Backyard picnic with a very exclusive VIP guest list? Sounds perfect.
Memorialize this epic moment with a keepsake they'll treasure forever.
Here are some of our favorite gifts for grads:
Hustle Enamel Bracelet
A pretty reminder that hard work pays off.
Birthstone Earrings
A timeless classic style that will last.
Kind Enamel Charm Necklace
No doubt your grad has big plans. Let them lead with kindness.
Starburst Pave Stud Earrings
Anyone who crosses her path would agree, she sparkles and shines.
Badass Engraved Ring
A subtle reminder that she can do anything.
ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES Enamel Hoop Earrings
If any graduating class learns this sentiment, it's the class of 2020!


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